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Gambling Help & Related Government Links:

Federal Money Smart Financial and Budgeting Advice
 - Click Here for Smart Money

State Government Responsible Gambling Assistance website Click Here for Responsible Gambling Information

Gamblers Help
 - Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundations - Click here for Gamblers Help

Tabcorp Responsible Gambling - 
Click here for Responsible Gambling Code

TAB Code of Conduct
 Click here for Responsible Wagering Code of Conduct

Keno Rules of Play -
Click Here for Keno Rules

Keno Code of Conduct
 Click Here for Keno Code of Conduct 

Keno Commitment Message: 

PRE-COMMITMENT - Tabcorp and this venue encourage customers who play Keno to set a time and money limit according to their circumstances.

  • - Set yourself a limit and do not exceed it. 
  • - You know the score. 
  • - Stay in Control.